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Carpentry is a skill that requires precision and great technique that takes years of experience and talent. Not to worry, here at Helpful Handyman Hire we have everything cut out for you! We have a team of professional, trustworthy carpenters that can assist you with all your carpentry needs. Whether you need help repairing an item or you have a vision in mind, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today for a quote, we would be happy to help!

What is Carpentry?

Carpentry is the art, skill and trade of cutting, working, and joining timber, however in today’s age carpenters work with a variety of other materials too. Carpentry consists of structural work in framing and crafting things such as doors, windows frames, staircases etc.

The Two Different Types of Carpenters

There are namely two different types of carpenters:

  1. Rough Carpenters– They are also referred to as “framers” that build the framework of the structure. They know how to construct the skeleton of the house or building and they study the blueprints and make sure that the foundation level is built precisely.
  2. Finish Carpenters– Continue what the rough carpenters or “framers” have started. They continue building onto the frameworks, install drywall, crown molding, windows, stairs, and other design elements that the house or building needs, for the room to be complete.
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There Are Different Types of Carpentry Subcategories Such As:

  • Residential- These carpenters focus on houses, apartments and living spaces
  • Trim- These carpenters install and repair trim and molding found on doors, windows, baseboards, mantels, etc. This is a from of finish carpentry and it is critical for them to be precise and clean with their work.
  • Cabinetmaking- This is another form of finish carpentry that is intricate and is in great demand for high-end builds and remodels.
  • Commercial- These types of carpenters work in office buildings, malls, retail stores, restaurants, and other commercial buildings.
  • Green Carpentry– These carpenters specialise in being environmentally friendly.
  • Industrial– These carpenters are highly specialised and work on dams, tunnel bracing, and sewer projects.

Why use use for your carpentry?

When looking for a chippy, you can be overwhelmed with options. This may lead you to consider a professional carpentry company. But at Helpful Handyman Hire, we offer the same quality of service at better rates. Why not get more for less? When looking for a carpenter in Perth, we should be your first and only choice. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews. We pride ourselves in giving you the best results at the best rates.

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