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Are you tired of staring at those awful cracks in your walls that seem to be getting worse each day?

Helpful Handyman Hire is here to help you! Smooth surfaces contribute greatly to the aesthetic of your place both inside and outside. Here at Helpful Handyman Hire we offer wall plastering services that are fast, affordable and reliable. Contact us today for a quote. We definitely have the smoothest service in town!

What is Plastering?

Commonly, plastering in known to be a wet mixture that contains things such as lime, sand, clay and a variety of stone dusts such as marble dust. Plastering is a technique used to create a smooth surface texture on walls both internally and externally. Plastering can also be waterproof and it can also be decorated fashionably by using different design finishes and patterns.

What is Stucco?

Stucco is also a wet concoction that is used on walls or other parts of a building. Stucco hardens as it dries and it was often applied to a variety of vintage buildings such as cathedrals, to create the beautiful finishes. Stucco can be used to patch up a variety of building materials such as wood/timber, clay or brick and create a smooth and even surface. In England and Australia the word “stucco” describes an external wall finish known as rendering. Whereas, in America the term “stucco” is used to describe exterior wall coatings and “plastering” is the term used to describe the internal wall finishes.

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Helpful Handyman Hire - Wall Plastering Before
Helpful Handyman Hire – Wall Plastering Before
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Helpful Handyman Hire – Wall Plastering After
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