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Hybrid Plank Flooring

There are numerous flooring options on the market, including vinyl, laminate, hybrid, and wood. Making a choice on the option that is best for your home might be tough given the abundance of possibilities available.

What is Hybrid Plank Flooring?

Vinyl and laminate flooring are combined to create hybrid flooring. A resilient and long-lasting flooring alternative is created by combining vinyl and laminate.

What materials make up hybrid flooring?
Four layers make up hybrid flooring:

  • The top layer is UV treated for toughness and impact resistance to stop wear and tear from regular use.
  • Decorative layer to resemble wood flooring.
  • Limestone composite core board for making the flooring temperature- and moisture-resistant.
  • For comfort underfoot and sound absorption, the underlay has an acoustic backing that is pre-adhered. You won’t need to add an underlay during installation because the floor already has one, which will save you time and money.
Hybrid Plank Flooring Perth

Hybrid Plank Flooring Advantages

You get a superior floor that is waterproof and similarly resilient when you choose a hybrid vinyl floor. These vinyl planks have been created by flooring experts to solve common problems with laminate and conventional vinyl.

Waterproof. Hybrid vinyl planks are 100% waterproof and suitable for usage in both residential and commercial settings. Both above and below ground, they can be installed.

Durable. Hybrid vinyl planks are tough because they have a laminate top layer over a stiff core. These characteristics make boards dent, scratch, stain, and UV resistant so they can withstand use from children, pets, and pedestrians.

Commercial Projects: Hybrid vinyl flooring is a fantastic alternative for business settings. You receive the surface toughness, stain resistance, and fade resistance of a laminate in addition to the waterproof characteristics of a vinyl.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning: Laminate and vinyl both require little upkeep and are simple to clean. A hybrid floor is the same! All you require is regular sweeping, spot cleaning, and weekly deeper cleaning.

Hybrid flooring

Hybrid Flooring Perth Installation and Repair

Hybrid flooring provides a cost-effective, long-lasting choice. It is a desirable option for a wide variety of applications because it can be installed anyplace in residential or commercial settings. All rooms in the house are appropriate for it.

If you have questions about hybrid plank flooring or need any assistance, Helpful Handyman Hire is available to assist you. Our skilled floor installers are incredibly knowledgeable about just about everything related to flooring.

Our Process for Hybrid Plank Flooring in Perth

Floor Preparation – Decide on whether to use a concrete grinder or floor leveling compound.

Helpful Handyman Hire - Floor Preparation Hybrid Plank Flooring
Hybrid Plank Flooring Process icons8-2-64

Lay planks and make sure there is no gaps between the planks using hybrid planking tools.

Helpful Handlyman Hire - Floor Leveling Compound
Hybrid Plank Flooring Process icons8-3-64

Silicon seal around all the outer edges of the planks and where there may be small gaps and corners.

Helpful Handyman Hire - Completed Job with Scotia Installed
Hybrid Plank Flooring icons8-4-64

Cut and fit Scotia to all the corners.

Helpful Handyman Hire - Hybrid flooring with Scotia Installed

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Before Installation

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Hybrid Plank Flooring – Before Picture

After Installation

Helpful Handyman Hire - Vinyl Flooring After
Hybrid Plank Flooring – After Picture
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