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Deck And Pergola Services

Are you interested in installing a shiny new deck or pergola in your home? Helpful Handyman Hire is here to help you! A deck or pergola is the perfect entertainment area. Some of your most fondest memories are created on the deck of your house. Here at Helpful Handyman Hire we offer deck and pergola services that are fast, affordable and reliable. Whether you want to install a new deck or pergola, or you would like to give yours a clean, here at Helpful Handman Hire, we are all hands on deck! Contact us today for a quote.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Pergola/Deck

  • A pergola’s foliage can serve as a shade for the construction
  • A pergola can be decorated and become an interesting addition to your home
  • Heating a pergola might be a bit more challenging if it is not attached to your house or apartment.
  • Plants can be stunning when used around a pergola or a deck, however, make sure to be consistent in their grooming or else it can look untidy.
  • There are a number of patio covers to choose from which makes it easier to find the one that suits your tastes the most.
  • You can upgrade your deck by adding lights, heating elements, sliding panels and more and it is much easier to do than with a pergola.
  • On a deck, the addition of sliding panels, gives you full control of the sunlight
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