Why Flat Pack Furniture Can Be Difficult to Build

There are several reasons why flat pack furniture is difficult to build. First, many pieces of flat pack furniture are glued together using impermanent means such as wooden dowels. However, dowel joints can fail under repeated stress. In addition, low-density particle board can be crumbly, allowing holes to widen and weaken the joints. Furthermore, screws can get less effective with every undo.

Woman on furniture assembly

MDF furniture is not durable

While MDF is a relatively cheap material, it does have some drawbacks. It is not durable and will swell when exposed to moisture. Furthermore, it is difficult to repair if damaged. MDF is also not water-resistant, so it should not be used in areas with a lot of water.

MDF can also release toxic fumes when it is new, which can lead to respiratory diseases. It is best to store MDF furniture outdoors until no smell is detected. Another way to minimize toxic fumes is to improve airflow throughout your home.

Furniture Store products are expensive

Assembling home-store furniture is often touted as a fun DIY project, but the truth is that assembling flat pack furniture requires a lot of skill and patience. In addition, the flat-packed design means there are many small pieces and parts to be kept track of.

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Home-store furniture products are difficult to assemble

IKEA flat pack furniture is a popular choice for many people, but the assembly process is not for the faint of heart. While the company boasts of easy-to-follow instructions, novices may struggle to put the furniture together, especially if they don’t have any handyman skills. One of the most challenging items to assemble is an a bed. The instructions aren’t always clear enough, and sometimes the pieces aren’t oriented correctly.

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